Motorcycle Gear

Our scruffy hero when he swapped clothes with Wally so Wally and Eli could have a swift bevvy....."WALLY BATTY...THAT'S WHO IT IS !!!" exclaimed Eli outside the White Horse as Wally approached on his motorbike.
Comp then "became" Wally and hung up Nora's new "top quality" clothes line,because as Nora said "you can't scrimp on quality with a clothes line"....after performing the task he is beckoned upstairs by Nora......and then SHRIEK !!!!....she realises it is Compo not Wally !!!
"There's a man finely dressed in his riding gear",
"Not his underwear"
"But his riding gear"
"Let us go for a ride on my motorbike"
"And I shall gladly drive you round the twist".......our scruffy hero crooning to our Nora...when he heard her exclaim that she loves men in riding gear !!!.......remember he had his goggles on and his long blue and white scarf on [Huddersfield Town F.C.].....UP THE TERRIERS !!!!!!!.