Spending Frenzy

Amos Hames 2

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OK. You win half a million on the Lottery. What do you do. Spend it on.
New car
New house etc etc the list is endless. You could even give some to charity
Thoughts please
Perhaps the funniest thing I ever heard, and I am sure there may have been some issue, but Jason Manford said he would have used some of his lottery win to buy every ticket for the Manchester Arena when Mick Hucknall and Simply Red were playing and only he'd turn of using one of the tickets, he'd burn the rest. When they hit the stage the shock to Mick or the Ginger $£"$^ as Jason referred to him would make him stand there gobsmacked with Jason rubbing it " Where is everyone ? Yep look like its only me crack on son!" :)
Getting serious here. Pay off the mortgage and the Home Equity Line of Credit. Invest the remainder in stocks, bonds, the money market - whatever is earning the most. Spend those earnings on travel, mostly to West Yorkshire.