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At the start of 'Enter the Finger' Clegg and Truly were sitting on a bench talking about someone who "never went anywhere without a Nuttalls Minto"

captain clutterbuck

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I don't think its ever mentioned in the show but as a sort of poll which characters do you wish had been given an XL Gobstopper because they annoy you when they appeared?


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One word Captain....STELLA !!!...
In my humble opinion she just did not "belong" in our wonderful epic series......and the continual " I can smell smoke/I can hear people smoking"...not for me !!!

Inky Batty

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Miss Probert

And I agree with MoodyBlue, although not directly about Stella, by the end we had a cast bigger than Ben Hur. One of Nelly, Stella and Miss Davenport was surplus to requirements.
We needed someone to live in Nora's iconic house, so Stella is as good as anyone, but realistically she could've done the same job of companion to Pearl as Nelly and Ros did. In fact Glenda could actually have filled that role.
I like Ros, she was a good character, got tired of Nelly (and Travis) quite quickly.
By the last few series there were about 4 or 5 distinct groups that all had to be given a slot and it became like a sketch show.


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Woods and Casey was a strange one for me.
They appeared a couple of times...very briefly...and added very little.
Just appearing as they always appeared.....
Whether Roy could have done more with their characters......I am not too sure ?.....[probably not if I am honest].


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That is the beauty of OUR wonderful show...so many opinions and no one is right....and no one is wrong...BUT Marianna,I am genuinely shocked that you do not like Foggy.
To a large majority he was the favourite "third man".
It must have been so hard for you to watch him, simply because he appeared in so many series !!.
To many people, the show deteriorated when he left [although series 9 to 12 were of very high quality due to the arrival of our mad inventor !!!].
Even people who are not as "obsessive" as we are all seem to like Foggy's escapades.


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Going off on tangents just promotes healthy discussion.
If we can get more people talking to each other and more people involved surely it can only be a good thing.
As long as we are all happy talking about our wonderful show...that is all I care about !!.