The hundred cricket


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So I'm a massive cricket fan and have been giving the hundred a chance.
they are positive and negatives for example I don't like the graphics for the scores and balls on screen I feel it's to much to take in at once , but I do find the play fun because it's fast paced and while I will keep an eye on the Manchester originals I still prefer county cricket and watching lancashire when I can but if the tournament can raise the profile of cricket then I'm all for it.


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OK, I saw the head and wondered why anyone would be interested in 100 crickets except perhaps frogs. But then I noticed that this was about the Game of Cricket. And since I know about baseball, I can sort of relate to cricket. There is a ball and a bat and you hit the ball with the bat. So far, not too different. And after you hit the ball, you run. And if the other team catches the ball, you're out. So far, not too different. And there's something about a sticky wicket. And I know about sticky wickets because that's always used as a way of describing a difficult situation. And the uniforms are white. Well, everyone's uniform is white but then everyone knows who is on which team anyway. So I can basically relate to cricket.


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I prefer County and test cricket because there is more quality in the game not just hit and hope. Could do with a Geoffrey Boycott to hold up the front batting perhaps England would not have to rely on half and lower order to get them out of a muddle evert time.

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In the hundred the uniform/kit is multi coloured each team has unique colours . In baseball the pitcher throws the ball do that in Cricket and it would be a no ball however , there are different variations of throws and balls in each game for example in Cricket there is a type of ball called a Googly . In baseball they run around the diamond and in cricket they run back and forwards between the wickets.


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I too love cricket, however I've no interest in this form of the game I don't even watch 20-20. I much prefer tests as to me there is much more skill trying to bat out a day to save a game than simply whacking each ball as hard as you can.....