The Last Ever Beatles Song.

Amos Hames 2

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The Beatles have Released their final ever Single. Now and Then. No 1 across the World. I'd like to know your favourite Beatles Song if not a Fan your favourite song the the Beatles era by another artist
Like Beatles but prefer the Stones like their new album but their early stuff hard for me to choose between the Last time and It's All over Now . In terms of the Beatles not a huge fan of the "lovey dovey" songs that were their first hits took more interest with Revolver and again its hard to pick between Doctor Robert and Taxman [as an aside listen to the Jam's Start and you might think Weller got the idea for it from Taxman]
The Stones are great too. I'm not into them as much but have some banging tunes. I agree to a extent about some of the beatles tunes . I mean what the hell was I am the Walrus about