Huge favourite with me and the members, if you search back through the threads for Whoops Amos you will see a dedicated thread from Chuffer who revisited the locations and added narrative to the photos he took, well worth a look.
Aaw thanks captain.
Its in the photo section somewhere Amos,I love the episode that much that exactly 40 years on I followed in their footsteps for the whole of the day (and night)
Highly doubt it wstol.
I don’t have the energy levels or the legs any more.
I think most people on here know by now that I used to post on here years ago under the name of Pete,I used to do almost weekly then and now posts,covering lots of different episodes and eras.
Each post would involve walking miles and miles,sometimes to unknown locations that even Terry didn’t know.
When I came back,after an absence of a few years,I only came back to do my Whoops tribute,as it is my favourite episode and it was the 40th anniversary,and I chose the name of old Chuffer,Douglas Enwright,from the episode.
I did do a couple more,including recreating the day in Sadly Madley Bradley,my second favourite episode,but it was hard going with the miles involved.
I don’t think I could do it now,and only occasionally visit the site to see how you all are.
All the best.
Chuffer aka Pete
Aka The 28 steps for members that may remember.