Will have to wait to visit


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Hope you're fighting fit in not time at all, hopefully you can share a photo or two or even do a dance in front of the Holmfirth webcam when you go!


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That's tough Terry. Hopefully you will soon be well enough to take your Holmfirth break. I too have had to postpone my planned Sunday break. I was going to make a visit to the front door but, regretfully, my legs have given a distinct NO NO to that idea. Not to worry, we still have our friends on here to help brighten our days. :37: :37::37::37::37:


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I can empathize and hope you're better very soon. BTW, the beautiful photo with your message is included in Andrew Swales' 2022 calendar, which is now for sale on his website. I've ordered one.

I had travel booked for December - Christmas dinner in an HF Holidays country house hotel in Derbyshire, along with a short "Discovery Tour" of the area, then Holmfirth in Autumn of 2022. But I developed a different pain from the usual assortment, which was eventually diagnosed as a torn muscle. The only fix is surgery, which is scheduled for early March, followed by 6 weeks of no weight on the operated leg, a few weeks of recovering enough strength in that leg to climb stairs with a cane, then more therapy. Total recovery is 18 months, to ensure that the tiny wire spiral is firmly seated and holding the tear together. At age 77 now, I have no idea whether or not I'll be able to travel at all by then.