A Tale of Two Sweaters

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by JO, Mar 20, 2017.

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  1. Adanor

    Adanor Well-Known Member

    Thanks, I enjoyed watching it.
  2. captain clutterbuck

    captain clutterbuck Well-Known Member

    Were you sweating on it working ??? Take the two jumpers off and you'll be fine!
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  3. cciaffone

    cciaffone Well-Known Member

  4. RickAns

    RickAns Well-Known Member

    Worked great Chuck. Many Thanks! :18:
  5. cciaffone

    cciaffone Well-Known Member

    So did the Tale of Two Sweaters download and play???
  6. RickAns

    RickAns Well-Known Member

    I can try to share a Google Drive folder link with you Chuck. That way all you would need to do was upload it. I'm still new with all that but it worked sharing some stuff with my sister the other month. I have several gigs worth of space on it.
  7. cciaffone

    cciaffone Well-Known Member

    Wish there was a better way to do this, to send a big AVI file
    online. Cannot figger it out. In any case I can copy the
    AVI file to a DVD, or you could send me a flash drive
    to copy it to, and then send it back.

  8. RickAns

    RickAns Well-Known Member

    Thank you Chuck. May take you up on that. Can send you my address to your inbox here. I may still have your email address from a while ago when we chatted on Dad's Army. Would need to look that up. I'd be glad to send you a few bucks back to cover postage and media costs.
  9. JO

    JO Active Member

    Thank you
  10. me2

    me2 Well-Known Member

  11. cciaffone

    cciaffone Well-Known Member

    I have it two ways.

    I have a DVD image containing several SW episodes of that period.
    Plays a bit stumbly.

    I also have it as an AVI file.

    Not sure how to get either to you though.
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  12. RickAns

    RickAns Well-Known Member

    I am missing this episode as well. Would love to see it and get my hands on a copy.
  13. JO

    JO Active Member

    This is the only episode I have not seen. Although their are 200 episode on U tube this isn't one of them .If someone could post a link for this I would be very thankful.

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