Waiting for God (1990–1994)


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While looking up Comedies in UK, this one caught my eye.

Never seen it here in AU - but seems to get fantastic reviews - is it worth while?

Thanks :)


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We should post a list of old brit comedies for our overseas friends, just in case the is something they have never seen and would enjoy.
A few I can suggest are:
Oh No, It's Selwyn Froggitt!
The Gaffer
Bless me Father
In Loving Memory
Man about the House
Oh Dr Beeching
Bless this House
I Didn't Know You Cared
My Hero
Rising Damp
Hi De Hi
Rab C Nesbitt
Up Pompei [For Francis Howerd Esq alone even though its a little risque ]
Still Game
Ever Decreasing Circles
It ain't half hot Mum [its well written but its probably questionable from a PC basis ]
Any of Spike Milligan's Q series for the sheer silliness and stupidity and for generating ideas that Monty Python admit to stealing
Steptoe and Son
All Gas and Gaiters[ for the train game alone]

I loved a little programme called The Gnomes of Dulwich which ran for one series starred Terry Scott and Hugh LLoyd but all the episodes I think were wiped by the Beeb and there might be a short clip on You tube if you are lucky so sadly I cannot add to the list.
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Man about the House
Bless this House
Up Pompei
It ain't half hot Mum
Steptoe and Son

All great shows!!

Some I love.. .
My fav is Only fools and Horses, then Porridge, and Open all Hours.. Some Mothers do have em (hanging off exhaust of the Morris while over the cliff edge!! Classic!) ... Yes Minister (how close to the truth is that show!!)

Also Fawlty Towers, Goodnight Sweetheart, Robins nest, Allo Allo, Handcocks, Are you being served, As time Goes by, Black Adder, DADS ARMY!!! Mrs Bucket, One foot in the Grave, Manor Born,

There was one about a couple that became home farmers with posh neighbours that always looked down on em...