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  • Tony. I didn't know if you were aware, but I just noticed that the link to the maps appears to be off.

    Take care. Thanks
    Tony my friend I am unhappy with the smiley situation. When I go to reply to a thread the available smileys on the reply section are roughly half and half normal size / and the size of large pinheads. I've tried altering fonts and made a bog of it so is there something you can suggest please?? This seems to have happened since the latest changeover. I am on IE 11 (have been IE since I first had a computer) Windows 7 ultimate. I wouldn't trouble you but my eyes are not what they were and the "pinheads " are difficult to differentiate. I can get the full size by going on to the "more" section but it can be a bind at times. Sorry to be a pain in the "arris" but its taking some of the fun out of posting.
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