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    Cleggy’s shyness

    I’m rewatching the later seasons of last of the summer wine, and is it me, or have they made clegg more like how he was in the earlier seasons, in the blamire and early foggy years? I mean obviously he doesn’t smoke or really swear like in the older ones but I reckon they were aired before the...
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    Pub at the end of the episode “ Variations on a Theme of Road Rage”

    Does anyone know which pub and where it was? It was at the end of this episode and it seems to be on top of a hill with a really pretty view, if it’s still there
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    Which marina episode was this?

    Unfortunately I don’t have a picture, but I remember seeing a pic of her (and it was one of the later episodes, possibly without compo?) standing outside one of the pubs they usually used, in a longish coat but underneath it she was wearing nothing but this sexy black and red..lingerie? I think...
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    Peter Sallis driving

    I heard but wasn’t sure if it’s true so I’m asking here, is it true Peter Sallis himself couldn’t actually drive in real life? I know his character Clegg couldn’t but earlier today on a FB post someone commented that peter himself couldn’t drive? But I’m not sure if that’s true or not or just...
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    Peter Sallis grave

    Hi, last year I went to holmfirth for the first time and it was amazing, and naturally I went to see where Bill Owen and Peter Sallis are buried And I’ve just been again not long ago this year , and you know they’ve now put an actual headstone for Peter (last year there was just a wooden cross)...
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    What is the name of this episode

    ok this is the best way for me to describe it….so bear with me but..From what I remember of the episode , it starts with opening to clegg and Howard’s houses outside…and clegg and Howard are looking at a bug or a beetle, and clegg is going “beep..beep beep beep beep” or ..something along those...
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    Peter Sallis Cap

    I’m not sure if it’s still there as I’ve only been once and that was before peter sallis grave got a headstone (when I went last year there was only a wooden cross) but there was a cap which he wore as clegg sitting beside his grave, does anyone know if that cap is THE EXACT cap that Peter...
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    Reggie Aka liz Fraser

    Sorry if this has been posted to the wrong thread, and also I mean no disrespect to the beautiful and wonderful actress liz Fraser but after rewatching the elegy for fallen wellies trio episodes (ripping my own heart out as per usual, bless you bill Owen) am I the only one who thought at the...
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    The age gap between us " Summerwiners" !!!

    I turn 25 this year, not till December but still
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    Blamire’s badges

    Sorry if this is a stupid question but I noticed foggy wears a royal engineer cap badge? (I’m rewatching the episode the great boarding house caper, literally one of my fav episodes) and I think blamire sometimes wore some badges, does anyone know what they’re for? I’m guessing it’s something...
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    Fav characters

    Apologies if this has already been asked but I was curious to see who people’s favourite characters from LOTSW was! And why if possible? Mines blamire (though I do love a lot of characters, it is hard to pin them down to one..especially when the show’s era’s have their own different “flavours”...
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    More Snow Pics #14

    These look so beautiful
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    Does anyone know the name of this episode?

    Hi yes he’s my favourite , I love Michael Bates work ☺️