50 Years of Summer Wine...

That is a great idea Mashi, regardless of which year it is. A lot will depend of course on the covid situation. I wouldn't be able to attend because of my mobility problems. I could, of course, see you all by means of the camera outside the CAFE, providing that it is put back into working order. I think that Roger is right regarding the year. Can you imagine a crowd of us meeting up dressed as SW characters? I'm sure the BBC would be interested in such an event.:14:
OH YES !!!!....count me in !!!.
We should make it a regular event...like minded souls in "our village".......heaven !!!!!
Sounds like a great idea.

On a side note, @mashibinbin if you do not mind my asking about the origins of that name. I keep thinking of something similar in a song I have heard awhile back but cannot recall it at the moment. Thanks.
Yes, 1973 not 1973 was the debut of our erstwhile trio. Mea Culpa.

Gives us much more time to plan and be Covid secure tho which is great.

My username is my petname from my former Shanghainese fiancée - it's a combination of my real name, Robin, and Mashimaro - a Korean animation of a rather naughty rabbit I was obsessed with almost as much with as I was her. So therefore it's translation is 'naughty Robin.' :D
Thanks for answering my question on your name @mashibinbin . I was not trying to be nosy or anything :).

For some reason I have a snippet of a song in my head and cannot place the song. I know the group. If I come across it again I will let you know. I swear she says something like mashi bin bin. Was hoping you had referenced it and had the answer. Cheers.