A glimpse of the tour bus


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Today I was watching the episode were Howard took Pearl out to dinner and also took Marina out as well,as Marina arrived at the pub and got out of Entwistles truck I caught a glimpse of the tour bus with a picture of Edie looking down on the scene.

captain clutterbuck

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I have literally just landed back from a three day bus holiday at Buxton which included some time in Holmfirth on Wednesday afternoon . I also caught a glimpse of the tour bus as it went off into the distance missed it by minutes and I couldn't stay for the next journey because the Holiday coach was leaving before the next tour , absolutely gutted . I had to settle for a tour around Holmfirth on foot in the rain but at least I managed to see some of the locations in the short time I was there. I am planning a return soon to try and take in more of the places .