An idea for everyone to get involved regularly - please everyone read


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It's been wonderful to see a few new faces on this forum in the past few weeks, but I also notice other members who are no longer active, I appreciate some may have passed away but many may have lost interest in the site. I was wondering whether I could float an idea that could get everyone involved with the subject that unites us all to keep the forum active and involve as many people as possible.

I noticed Mr Cobbled Streets a new member has just bought the entire DVD set and intends to start to watch them from start to finish, and that is exactly how I started and piqued my interest in this site.

I would like to canvas opinion to as many members possible starting to watch the entire series from start to finish simultaneously, perhaps over a week. We can then all comment and put our observations on that particular episode. I'm not sure whether this would be something people would be interested in, but if there is enough support I'm happy to post the thread for each episode. I appreciate not everyone has the entire DVD box set but the pilot episode to at least series 12 are all available on the video sharing sites for free. I propose we would watch each episode in the order they were broadcast.

Please can as many members as possible give me your feedback as to whether you think this would be something you would be interested in, or whether it's an impractical suggestion. And if so are the timescales realistic as it would take nearly 6 years to get through them all at 1 per week?

Thank you in advance for your feedback.
.......... or as you are proposing the idea you could select one episode per series that we could all watch and comment on which would shorten the time but give a true flavour how the series panned out over the years and it means every major character in the trio would be seen . If it works well then we could go back to the start and repeat with another episode per series if it doesn't work out then you could call a halt . I personally would struggle to watch the whole series in that time frame.
Thank you Captain, your ideas are gratefully received. I do take your point the time scale is quite protracted, I blame Roy Clarke for making so many episodes!!!! However watching more frequently would probably be too labour intensive and probably wouldn't give everybody chance to watch.
I'll gauge the feeling, but choosing milestone episodes would be a good idea, ie pilot, introduction of new characters etc! As you are both the gurus of the series I may call on you for which constitute milestone episodes!!!!!
If you decide to devolve it then you could nominate individual members to select the episode a bit like book clubs where a member selects the book all members read and then discuss that month . There are far better people than I on this forum who are equally and if not more passionate about our beloved show , lets hope they sign up to your idea .
I'm in as well.
I think perhaps one episode per day, per week chosen by a nominated member.
For arguments sake, say BarryChuckle kicks us off and selects one episode from 5 different series and then we discuss/review them, rate them, or whatever...
How does that sound?
I think there's some wonderful ideas coming through here, yes we could take it in turns nominating a particular episode and we can perhaps state why it's been chosen, be it a personal favorite or a seminal episode etc . I think one per day is logistically challenging due to time differences etc, but one per week is good.

There's at least 1/2 dozen of us and no doubt other members will join in from time to time. Can I suggest we start this each Sunday (next Sunday to give everyone plenty of notice), the natural day for episodes!!!!

I like Inky's idea that we each choose an episode from 5 different series so we can see the progression through the series ie 1-5, 6-10 etc. So we each chose an episode from that cluster then move on to the next. Any other ideas would be welcomed.
Right in the absence of any other suggestions, I propose I will select an episode from series 1 - 5 on Sunday morning, that will give us the week to watch it an discuss it.

Then someone else can select an episode from the same block the following Sunday which we can discuss, until we've all nominated an episode then we can move on to the next 5 series etc.

One quick question, do you think we're best doing each episode on a new thread or shall we continue the same one?
Start each block of 5 as a new thread BC, otherwise it will get confused.
Why not start today? No time like the present.
It gives anyone who is interested plenty of time to participate, then a new one every subsequent Monday morning.
Then the baton passes along after series 5.
I'm more than happy to do 6-10.
Okay Inky, my suggestion has to be the obvious Of Funerals & Fish. Not because it was my favourite but it’s where it all began.

This was filmed in July 1972 and broadcast in Jan 73 as part of Comedy Playhouse, so firstly take note of the ages of the characters, we see them as elderly. At the time of filming Michael Bates & Peter Sallis were 52, Bill Owen 57 and Kathy Staff was only 44.

I know it’s been mentioned before but take note of Cleggys wife’s headstone, much debate about her age. Finally I’d be interested to see whether you think any of the other characters were prototypes of other characters introduced later?

Okay enjoy and report back on your views! Inky will nominate the next episode to watch next Monday! I’m at work most of the day so I won’t be able to watch it until later this evening myself !!!!