Beyond Paradise

I've not seen that. I think it's just a UK version of death in paradise which I also didn't watch. I've only seen clips and I didn't like the look of it.
I watched it. It IS a spin-off from Death in Paradise. D.I.P. WAS a good show however in my opinion the last few series have been below par. They are trying to get too much out of it and as a result the story is being lost. Still a MUCH better show than most of the Krapp that is on these days.

Beyond Paradise is an attempt to capitalise on one of D.I.P.'s favourite characters and while OK there is no real "feeling" for any of the characters and so is sadly lacking one of the main elements of such a show. (That is putting aside my professional assessment of the preposterous staffing arrangements at both police stations!)

BTW BOTH shows are returning for a new season.

If you like this style of show, may I recommend the Madame Blanc mysteries? 2 series so far and another in the works.
Another show, which I had forgotten about, which I find alright is called "Almost Paradise".
This is an American based crime/comedy series so it does occasionally descend into mindless gunfights to soak up time that the writers can't fill with actual story, however it does this far less than usual.
It is based in the Phillipines rather than the usual places and I first saw it, I think, just before the dreaded Covid outbreak. Because of that outbreak I think production ceased after series 1 and due to time I forgot about it.
Series 2 has just been released and I suddenly recalled it.
I have started watching it again and it still holds up.
If you are looking to watch something a little less krapp than the usual fare, you could do much worse!:14: