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Pearl on the bus in Glamour of the uniform sees Howard in Foreign legion uniform and says “he’s only gone and joined” after Howard had earlier told her he was thinking of joining,and when all the ladies have their bun tins and the bus breaks down,is that the same episode where they end up on the spinning chairs on a trailer towed by Wesley,I’m not sure,my knowledge is very limited compared to all you experts who could all go on mastermind with Last of the summer wine as your specialist subject,and win.

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The ladies and Mrs Avery in the Missing bus of Mrs Avery, now I know this is contentious as technically it is a mini bus so to appease all objectors I will only claim half a point as it's a mini bus. I am, however, claiming a further half point for the mini bus that transports the ladies and the trio, under the governance of Foggy, driven by Wesley, to find the Woodpecker commonly known as Howard constructing a tree love nest for Marina and himself in There are Gypsies at the Bottom of Our Garden episode.
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Wasn't there an episode where someone (either the trio or the ladies) were following Howard and Marina by bus?


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Who's That Merry Man with Billy, Then, They meet Billy's female recruit off the bus. I would also like to suggest this was the most modern bus in all the episodes being a 2004 plate, unless anyone can tell me otherwise!!!?!??