Carry On at 65

I love most of the Carry Ons, but for me the ultimate is Carry On Girls. It is very funny and has a delightful British seaside atmosphere. Similarly, At Your Convenience has some evocative scenes of Brighton and stands out as a well-written and darn amusing movie to boot. I had the pleasure of an hour in the company of Kenneth Connor once. I was walking past his house and he was standing outside doing nothing in particular. We'd spoken before, so he invited me in for a convivial chat and a glass of sherry (which was tricky for me as I don't drink alcohol). Some forty years ago... how has that happened?
Wow! I'd drink engine oil if it got me an audience with KC!!!!!!

Are you able to share any anecdotes or stories he shared over your sherry?
I vaguely recall that he talked about the suggestion of a new theatre in Harrow. Understandably, he was keen on the idea. I also remember him mentioning how people expected him and his co-stars to be as young as they were in the films.
At that time I used buses and Shanks' pony to get about and he questioned why I didn't have a nice little "pop-pop"!
Some time later he sent me a letter in which he berated me for constantly phoning him and asking "stupid questions". So enraged was he that he had gone back and inserted the word "bloody" at several points in the letter to emphasise his frustration.
Trouble was, he had mistaken me for someone else, as I politely pointed out in my reply.
He wrote back apologetically. I will never forget how he ended the letter with one, simply word: "Forgive."
just Watching Convenience again... forgot how classic it was!

classic lines...

its the way he looks at you
not that I can blame him you ask for it
flashing your legs and... things all over the place
I mean look at em
like 2 bald headed convicts trying to burst out of jail
I only realised recently learned that 'Convenience was the directors political swipe at the power the unions had at the time.
Like so many shows.... flog it for every penny you can..... when you should leave it alone.
I cant believe the yanks would try this...

The American version of Only Fools and Horses was called Kings of Van Nuys but was axed before it hit TV screens.
The show was commissioned back in 2012 but footage of the show had never been seen until this year.
Leaked footage recently found its way onto YouTube showing the pilot episode of Kings of Van Nuys
In fairness Peter Rogers was renowned for his penny pinching, for him his primary aim was making money from the films. He said it was always more important for the Carry On's to be a commerical success than a critical success. Another interesting fact is the major were paid around £5,000 for all the films they appeared in even though they spanned 20 years!
Reminds me of my boss. One time a cutter lost an Exacto-knife blade in a pile of papers and he made her try to find it. She never did.