Compo and Cleggy still together


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This is the opening scene of the episode, 'The Three Astaire's'. It is a cemetery and I suppose that most of you will be aware that Bill Owen is buried at the bottom of that slope on the left hand side. I was informed that he himself chose that particular spot for his final resting place because of the view between the church and the surrounding greenery. In the gap was a very good view of Holmfirth at the bottom of the valley. His friend in life and in Summer Wine, Cleggy, is buried next to him. The lady, placing flowers on his grave in the other picture, is my wife. She was quite moved by the situation. You will see that a handrail has been placed by the path leading down to the graves.
What a happy and cheerful sitcom Summer Wine was and, STILL IS. Here's to all the cast, many gone but not forgotten.


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It would be fascinating to know how much time Bill and Peter spent together away from the regular filming.
They had a real strong unique much so that they may have secretly spoken about where they both wanted to be laid to rest.
It is such a beautiful story,and so amazing that 2 actors who met all those years ago,rehersing for a new gentle comedy show which had not yet aired built and maintained such a ,special,close,caring,respectful,strong,loyal friendship.