Cooking by Radio


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WETA UK has been running MovieTone UK features that date from the late '40's to early '50's. There was one that featured a new way of cooking by (as they said) using radio waves. This was a demonstration of new way of cooking food at a lunch counter. They took previously prepared food [on a disposable tray] out of the freezer, and placed it in an oven. With the magic of "radio waves," the food is cooked in 45 SECONDS. After the food is served and enjoyed, the tray and utensils can be simply tossed.

Wow, didn't realize that microwaves had been actually invented so long ago!


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What a coincidence. Just the other day I stumbled across a youtube article about the origins of the microwave oven by Tom Scott. Seems the scientists wanted a more humane way to thaw out frozen hamsters for their experiments.