Eli Duckett


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Sussex born Danny O'Dea died in a Hartshead, Yorkshire nursing home on 16 April 2003 aged 91. My neice had accompanied him from the nursing home for some LOTSW filming. They dropped Smiler off on their way back, she described both of them a gentlemen & a joy to be with.
Wow what an anecdote Charlie thank you so much for posting it. I can't imagine what those journeys were like, clearly your Niece would get to know them well it must have been so interesting to talk to them.
Four of the funniest perfectly written "visual gags" involve our Eli......
When he walks onto the back of the bin lorry......when he walks onto the back of the bus.....when he is giving Hermon [pre his Morton days] directions "follow me",he walks down the alley and straight onto the flat bed of a wagon.....and my favourite.....when he leaves the opticians [when Pearl is buying a new pair of glasses,so she can watch Howard EVEN CLOSER]....he walks out,and walks into a wagon which is advertising double glazing with a mock up of a room on the back of it...he enters the room and the best part is when it moves away he is feeling for the door handle all over the windows......very,very clever brilliantly written and acted !!