Mrs blamire (i wish)

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Apologies if this has already been asked but I was curious to see who people’s favourite characters from LOTSW was! And why if possible?
Mines blamire (though I do love a lot of characters, it is hard to pin them down to one..especially when the show’s era’s have their own different “flavours” if you know what I mean)
Because even though if I met an actual person like him in real life, we’d probably rub each other the wrong way...(bit like compo and blamire I guess??) but on the show I find him and the actor of course absolutely adorable


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Wally's timing and delivery were absolutely first class...and you had genuine sympathy for the situation he was really felt for him...and he had a smile which would light up the room !!.
I love Howard,because Robert Fyfe put so much effort into playing him for such a long period of with the vast majority of the cast he was an amazing actor...some of the slapstick and comedy scenes which involve him are genuinely hilarious..he tried SO HARD to "CRACK IT"...always failed,but had such verve and passion to conjour up another plan.
Sid was wonderful,and I always feel he could have been used more...his involvement with episodes like "enter the phantom",here we go again into the wild blue yonder" "getting Sam home" and "from wellies to wet suit" showed he had real comic talent,and a wonderful laid back delivery.
I completely agree with Pearl...Seymour looked like he really wanted to be there....and he was the glue that bound everyone together again.
Compo,Foggy....I simply have too many "favourite characters".....I would be here all afternoon !!!!.