Frank Thornton

Brian was in Carry In Doctor and Frank in Screaming
I preferred him in AYBS and as mentioned some of the other characters he played. Not keen at all on the later series as I think everything had got a bit “samey”and the plots a bit poor.
He certainly worked with some comedy greats and was in a fair few of my favourite comedy films like The Big Job.
Yes I have, @Barrychuckle !! Thanks for looking out for me and mentioning it. I agree with you that it is a really good spin off. The episodes were creative and funny. Really liked the new characters that they introduced as well. Jessica Lovelock getting Captain Peacock all flustered, Mr. Moulterd chasing Mrs. Slocome with their possible history, Mavis Moulterd sharing a bed with Mr. Humphries. Could easily have watched a few more seasons of the show had they made more. A dvd set I would like to get along with AYBS? when I can find a deal on them.