G W Castle ltd


In series 1 episode 1 there is a large building with the name C W Castle on a sign ,has anyone have the details of this company and the location please
This was to the right of Nora batty's house.

Somewhere close to Huddersfield Road, though I'm not sure of exact address.

I assumed it was a garage, but I could be lying.

This was often seen in the 1980s episodes.
It appears GW Castle was motor engineering company who also ran coaches, it seems the business ceased around 1999
It's on Hollowgate and used to be a garage but is now a shop called Holmfirth Mills...


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I too was fascinated by this in the early episodes, the company incorporated in 1941 so was running for a very long time. It ceased trading as stated earlier in 1999
Yes it's now a Woollen Mills, bit pricey but him in doors likes their trousers and ale.
I make him take me in the gift shop after, that's where the real money is spent.
We have been in there but it was so long ago that I can't remember what we bought. It might have been a pair of fleecy long johns to keep my unmentionables warm. :confused2:
Interesting building. Does someone have a picture of it as the garage GW Castle they can post? I tried a search through the google but did not find one. Will try to re-watch the episode later.
Thanks, captain. That is a good link. I did see some bus pictures on my search as well. Was hoping for a garage front picture of what the place looked like as a garage back at the time.

Not sure why I find it ingeniously clever to build a shop / garage on one side of a river. Then a driveway bridge from the shop door to the street on the other side of the river. A great way to use the space and terrain available. At least that is what I am taking from the picture posted above of Holmfirth MIlls. We are looking at the main entrance for the vehicles to come in and get serviced? Possibly there was not room for an entrance on the other side of the building so they made it to span across the river. Or, I could have completely misconstrued everything we are talking about, haha!
I can't find a photo of the garage either. I did find an article about someone of dubious character who rented part of the garage was arrested for his wife's murder.
Some superb buses in that collection Captain. Wouldn't mind taking a ride on some of those.
The Hollowgate side was the garage entrance but the building goes right back to Woodhead Road which used to be the car showroom. Its the showroom that Compo, Clegg and Blamire go into in The New Mobile Trio but the front has been extended since then.
I wonder if one of those buses was the one that was used in How Not To Cry At Weddings, long shot that it is!
Why do we think it ceased trading?

There seems to be a few websites for GW Castle, this time at Upperthong Lane, Holmfirth.
Just saw the "Jaws" episode tonight. The G.W. Castle could be prominently seen as you're looking to your left while peeping out of Wally and Nora's front door (with the new blue paint).