Gilligan’s Island - American intellectual comedy

Thank you tommy
You have taught me something about an old tv favorite of mine
I went and watched an episode of that doby Gillis show you mentioned
YouTube has a few of them
It was really fun to see bob Denver in a different role from gilligan
He was a fairly good actor
A bit overactive but funny to watch
By the way that scene where mrs howell dances with the girls always made me look away
But thanks again for your input on this thread
On the other hand he also laid this turkey after Gilligan's Island. Dusty's Trail has been referred to as Gilligan's Island reset in a western, the desire to recapture GI wasn't even hidden all the way to a stand-in for each member of the castaways. 1671460546840.jpeg
Yes it's a real place on the Costa Brava in Spain, it has the highest proportion of British Ex Pats than any other town in Spain. It was also the name of an ITV comedy which ran for 10 episodes based on the town. Some of those who appeared in LOTSW appeared in Cameo roles in it, Bobby Nutt, John Challis, Brian Muphy and I'm sure there are others. They're on Dailymotion I think, the earlier ones were quite funny but IMO it got really poor as the series went on. Very much like the 10 series of AYBS!
Benidorm is on the Costa Blanca.
You clearly had that Black Lace song in mind Barry which added to your confusion:-

Oh this year I'm off to Sunny Spain y viva España
I'm taking the Costa Brava plane y viva España
If you'd like to chat a matador, in some cool cabaña
And meet señoritas by the score, España por favor

All together now......... ;)