Help me find this episode please


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Hello! I used to watch Last of the Summer Wine, well, the first 18 or so series. I have just bought the entire collection, but this Xmas means I want to watch a few of the Xmas episodes. I have been trying to find one episode, I think it was a Xmas themed one, but I might be wrong. It of course featured Compo and Glegg....and I think it was Seymour (but it could have been Foggy). Auntie Wainwright is worried about being broke into and our three friends go over to spend the night/evening in her shop. Of course, it is a miserable affair, she even charges them for a cup of tea. I know near the end of the episode, Ivy, Norah and Pearl turn up with food and drink....a lovely ending, what episode/series was this? Thanks.
That's a good one, I won't spoil it for you - but the bit when she puts the decorations up is hilarious.