Help Other Members to Spot Bargains


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This new board is here to help each other if we spot a good deal,or to advise members where to look for a product or spare part,does not have to be LOSW related,can even advise of a raw deal,even good/ bad service,you may spot something being sold that could of interest to other members,maybe you are thinking of changing internet providers,you could ask if anyone else used that service and would they recommend it.
Maltrab, this is an excellent idea and I am sure will get the interest of all those who read it. Good thinking....
To posters living in the US:

A six box pack (80 tea bags per box) of Barry's Tea Gold Blend is available on for $40.85. If you're a member of Prime you get free two day shipping. That makes it $6.80 per box as opposed to the $8.99 or so that it goes for in grocery stores. If you're not a Prime member then you have to pay for shipping and it's probably not such a great deal but still may be a bit cheaper than buying it one box at a time at your local grocery store.

Barry's is my favorite tea, so needless to say I was quite happy with that per box price. I haven't checked to see whether they have a similar deal.


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Do you have many GU10 light fittings in your home,some years back we changed most of our light bulbs to the LED type,most are still working at 8 years old,at the time each bulb was over £7 each, in the last year they have improved output plus the price has dropped,in the last year I have fitted some of these in our new home,they are very bright,run cool as they are only 3.6 watt,saving a great deal of money as compared the the standard 40/50 watt GU10,I spotted these for sale and they cost £2.50p each with postage if bought in packs of 10,so if you replace 10 of the old 50 watt GU10 with these you will be burning less than 40 watt per hour instead of 500 watt, these are day white but if you want a warmer colour those are also available.Now is the time to do it in these long dark nights
My brother text me on Saturday and asked if I wanted to go in a box set of Are you being Served for Xmas for our dad, he said he saw it on offer in HMV for £50 I thought that was good so said yes but having mooch on Amazon I found the same box set for only £35. Its makes a good presant for Xmas for someone.
HMV. LOTSW S21&22. £10, was £24. Snapped it up today, just about to start watching. In Scarborough HMV, don't know if its elsewhere.