I Didn’t Know You Cared

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I see that Gold have started showing this.
Episode one of the first series was on today,I put the channel on hoping an episode of our beloved show was on,and at first I thought it was because there was our Sid,but he was with another character called Uncle Mort,who I vaguely remember,and I remember the title too as it’s a strange one,but I have never watched an episode.
I really enjoyed it and have set to record the rest of the series.
Every one of the characters would have fit in perfectly in Last of the Summer Wine,John Comer is one of the stars,this first episode was aired in 1975,I don’t know how long it went on for,but I bet he was making this at the same time as Summer Wine,he looks exactly the same age wise.
The more I watched it the more I was convinced it was written by Roy Clarke,I missed the opening credits so didn’t know,but it was based in South Yorkshire,not far from Roy’s Doncaster,it had domineering assertive women,downtrodden men who do as they are told,and a young couple just like our Barry and Glenda,a soft gullible boyfriend and an over fussy girlfriend,who was the same lady as the wife who‘s husband Roy Hudd went awol in Spores,and every character felt like a Summer Wine character.
It wasn’t written by Roy Clarke,but it felt the closest thing to the early Last of the Summer Wine that I’ve seen,I’ll be watching and enjoying the rest of the series with interest.
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Oh and John Comers wife in it was the lady Compo met on the bus and bought a plate of mushy peas for in Sids cafe,I wonder if Sid was in,in that episode and they met,constantly reminded of Last of the Summer Wine while watching it,reason enough for me to watch the rest of it.
It was not one of Roy's creations, but does have a similar theme, it was written by Peter Tinniswood, the director was Bernard Thompson, who also directed some early LOSW episodes, look out for Paula Tilbrook in one episode, she appeared in 3 LOSW episodes with one being Mrs Enwright
And the music was by Ronnie Hazlehurst Terry.
Thankyou for the info,didn’t know that about Peter Tinniswood.
I remember Paula Tilbrook but didn’t know she appeared three times,I’ve watched all the episodes many times but for the life of me can only remember her the once as Mrs Enwright.
What other episodes was she in please,does anyone know,and what characters did she play,did she play three different characters in her three appearances ?
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I see similarities when I first watched it . Linda Preston is Marina like chasing Carter who does seem to resist, unlike Howard . Mort has some of Foggy's characteristics always reminiscing but with such an acerbic wit. Stavely is a sort of Eli character . Its a great show watched it when it was first released and watched it when it was on a couple of months back.
I’v not seen that episode yet wstol,I will look forward to it.
I only started watching it properly this last week or so when Gold started showing them,and already I love the downbeat Uncle Mort,he would have so fitted in Summerwine land,he would have been right up there with Wally.

” Women have no sense of practicality,they are bone idle.
The year before she died I bought Edna a Black and Decker drill for her birthday,she never even took it out of the box,I bought her a spanner set for Christmas and it took her till Easter to mend the mangle”

Talking to Les (our Sid)
”I remember the weather the day I first met the mother in law,blowing a gale and a sleet coming in from the north,it sank a dredger in Liverpool bay all hands lost …I wish I’d been on it “
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Great news, Marianna! Hope you keep enjoying it. The show is a jewel. Please keep us posted on your thoughts. If you liked the first episode then you should be able to enjoy the rest. :)

I might have gotten my set used as well. Can't remember.
Very sad news about Anita Carey, a very consummate actress, who had a long career mainly playing a specific part in one episode of a series, though she did appear in any number of shows where she was a main character, such as Beryl's lot and poignantly, given the discussion in another thread, she was Thelma's sister in Whatever Happened to the Likely Lads . A very sad loss.
Watched this series over and over. One of my favourites. "Is n't the price of sprouts amazing, I mean for an executive's wife, how will she cope at the next dinner party, what with the alcohol tax on the real wine and the outrageous standard of those paper napkins. She'll have to decide whether to impress with real chips and frozen peas or tinned, and how will she know who likes crinkle cut or straight?" "What rattles my cage is the succession of Outhwaites finest to the dinner table when she knows damn well it can only ever be appreciated in the tap room. It makes you wonder if you should get involved in any executive function, domestic or otherwise." Good Wood God.
Brandon was always trying to do his Airfix battleship, HMS Belfast I think from what I remember of my Airfixing Days. Er.. Er... hmmm
Anita Carey was in Heartbeat a couple of times. She played, I think Steve's mother.
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