Is Jeremy quite safe

Liana Lloyd

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Hi all,

Just been watching the episode ‘Is Jeremy quite safe?’ marina sat out with trigger from OFAH does anybody know where this pub is please
Its one of my favourite episodes from the later series John Challis is brilliant as Jeremy you know from the off that his tales of being an upper class Jewel Thief have no substance and that's born out by the events that ensue . I don't know why but I always picture the Safe as the Roadrunner and Jeremy as Wile E Coyote :)

It then lead me to think about a time when there was nothing but accident claim adverts on the TV , every break in a show they were on and I remember a couple of instances that someone put forward.

" I was changing the honey bell in the Budgie's cage when someone gave me the wrong type of ladder and I fell hitting my head on the Cuttlefish"

and a Wile E related one

" I boarded up the large archway in my lounge , I just finished painting it black when I was run over by a Train."
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