Ivy would appreciate

I've clicked on the link and I'm not able to view it due to my 'country/region' are you able to summarise or attach a screenshot as it sounds intriguing......
On this subject, I've always assumed the cakes on display at Sids were sticky buns, but I'm thinking they were more like Belgian buns.

You may want to Google each of these but I'm thinking they may have been Belgian buns rather than sticky???
Didn't that character Lucy that Compo, Clegg and Truly meet at the bus stop call his wife 'Honey Bun' when the guys convinced him to go home?.
Howard called Pearl "honey bun" at the start of The Missing Bus Of Mrs Avery and he said "stick with me, honey bun" to Marina in Barry in Danger from Reading and Aunt Jessie.
Talking of "honey bun" I remember Howard calling Pearl "honeybun"......to which Pearl replied [very loudly ]...."DON'T YOU HONEYBUN ME !!!!!!!".
I stand to be corrected but I'm pretty sure that's Beware of The Vanilla Slice when Howard is being rather obsequious to Pearl in order to get kicked out of his house :) :)