Last of the Summer Wine - documentary


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Hello all, thank you for letting me join the community!

I wanted to send an introductory email, I'm an archive researcher working at Studio Crook on a new documentary for Ch5 about Last of the Summer Wine. Our documentary will be celebratory in tone and will look back at some of the more memorable moments from the series with contributions from surviving cast and crew

Our edit starts in a couple of weeks and we're still looking to find new interesting archive material relating to the show. If you have any personal footage or stills that you would be willing to share with our production or need any further details it would be great to hear from you

Finally, if anyone here knows who to contact about videos posted on the 'Summer Wine Home Videos' YouTube page that information would be greatly appreciated, here's one of the videos from the channel -

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Andrew Bunkle

Please keep us updated on this documentary Andrew as it sounds really exciting and I cannot wait to see it released. A few members of the forum may well have footage of visits on set filming and a couple may have been extras in the series.
Thanks for your interest. I'll be able to send on the official date for transmission once I have it, at the moment it's set for Christmas 2021. All the fans we've spoken to so far have been massively enthusiastic and helpful but still hope to hear from anyone else with archive that may be of interest
Many thanks
Andrew (