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That takes me back !!!..."Teenage Kicks","Jimmy,Jimmy","My Perfect Cousin","Mars Bar",It's gonna happen,Wednesday week ,here comes the summer etc..etc...I saw them a couple of times in Liverpool back in the day !!
A very underrated band in my humble opinion....and "Teenage Kicks " was the late great John Peel's favourite record !!!...it was played at his funeral.
Manwioname..a million thanks !!!.......although........I do feel old now !!!.


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a northern ireland band one of my favourite bands to, maybe because im a northern irish boy myself lol , never tire of listening them


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Still a great band and live just as good as they were with Mr Sharkey. I saw them play locally to me a couple of years ago and they were fantastic.
Billy Doherty, Damien O’Neill and Mickey Bradley don’t seem to have aged!