Reader's Digest Queen's English Word Power


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Well, RD has come up with a test of how well Americans know British English. So does anyone use DOG'S BREAKFAST? CACK-HANDED?


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I've used the first, but not the second, although I can guess it's meaning. I looked it up just to be certain. The derivation was a surprise.

captain clutterbuck

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Dog's Breakfast was used quite commonly in the workplace where I was employed, spookily it was a big American Corporation operating in the UK . When something went awry you could guarantee on the crisis call that phrase was commonly used. Cack handed is not widely used when I first came across it was used to effectively describe anyone who was left handed [ I assume because most people were right handed ] alternatively it was simply used to describe someone who was clumsy .

Adrian Morris

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Here in NZ, Cack-Handed could be either Left Handed, Clumsy or Awkward.
Dogs Breakfast could describe a mess or shambles.