Robert Fyfe

Sad to hear that he has passed, and I agree he was one of the most important cast members of the series. He, Juliette and Jean represented a 25 year thread of continuity in the show during a time when cast changes sadly became more common due to the age (and in some cases infirmity) of the various cast members in the show's later years.

I can't help noticing that we have a Jane Freeman-esque mystery though, in that his age and birthyear seem to have changed now that he has died. Previously all sources that I'm aware of had a birthdate for him in 1925, and had him as being 96, but now the BBC have put one short (and probably interim, pending further information becoming available) article stating that he was 90, and suddenly we have to decide whether to believe one age mention on a single short BBC article, or all previous sources of information. I can't help thinking that if the BBC journalist who wrote the article today was hurriedly given a brief of 'Robert Fyfe dead aged 96' in handwritten form (however unlikely that seems in the digital era) then they could easily have misread that as 90 if the 6 wasn't written very well, so I don't feel the article as it currently stands counts as true proof that he was actually 90, at least not unless they go on to add further details about his birth and early life if/when they flesh the article out. Looking at his wikipedia article this has clearly been causing an edit war with people reverting his age and birthdate back and forth due to the uncertainty. Any thoughts?
Yes I always thought he was older than 90, we even commented on this site about the chances of him getting his telegram. I know it's very difficult to age someone, but I'd have said he was more likely 90 than 96. He had a cameo role in a Sky comedy around 5 years ago and he seem fairly agile in that.
Very valued supporting cast member, and had a remarkably long spell in the show.

Robert Fyfe was vital to the show, as other cast members departed. He was fit and able enough to contribute to the show, particularly when other older cast members were getting less screen time due to old age.

He consistently portrayed the hen-pecked, would be lothario, husband - for 25 years.
Apart from Crusher, he was the last of the old school pre-Seymour and that's what I class as Summer Wine vintage, before we had more extras than Ben Hur.
I noticed that Ken Kitson first appeared as PC Cooper in 1983, so he would also be pre-Seymour, albeit he wasn't exactly a regular that early in his time on the show.

As a character Howard was SO GAME !!!...he comes a close second to Compo in the " I am game" stakes......Dressed as a women,an airman,a cub scout leader,cyclist,marathon runner,football dribbler,frogman,fisherman,golfer,tennis player ....his enthusiasm knew no bounds and made us mere mortals ashamed of our lethergy !!!!.......a real optimist.....who continued to folloew his dream !!!!...A ONE OFF.
That makes me wonder if they missed a trick when Bill Owen passed, as maybe they should have recognised Robert Fyfe's all round ability and agility and elevated Howard into the main trio instead of trying a succession of other combinations.
Such a loss.
What absolute brilliant characters - Fyfe played Howard so well
I thought Howard was just perfect he always made me laugh - and Pearl complimented it so well as did Marina..
The whole story line really held up well for so long! To me it never got old - sometimes it felt a bit predictable, but still brought out a great laugh.

As time goes on, the greats will have all gone and will be left with the rubbish that we are dished up on TV now...
Just think how many LOSW actors have gone and the party they'd be having tonight up there.

Just read 'Fyfe's death comes mere weeks after his wife Diana passed away.'
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We've had a lot arguments on our Facebook page with is getting annoying, I don't think it really matters what age he was, a man has died, a man we all liked and respected surely his age is irrelevant at this stage.

Just reaffirms why I dont bother with stalkerbook and the other "social" media... its rarely social.
We've had a lot arguments on our Facebook page with is getting annoying, I don't think it really matters what age he was, a man has died, a man we all liked and respected surely his age is irrelevant at this stage.

Well said Pearl . The discussions around age normally centre on Actresses who are often very coy about their age because the industry of films and TV are very prejudicial about age for some obscure reason best known to themselves ,which I cannot even begin to understand why :mad:, so whilst Robert probably hasn't promoted this discussion in any shape or form it is nonetheless really unusual.