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Short Back and Palais Glide
Series 1 episode 1 - [2/295] 1973 shown 12.11.73 Blamire era - James Gilbert

At Judd’s the barbers for Blamire’s haircut, Judd telling them who is poorly and who had died. IN the library they turn Compo upside down to rid him of evil spirits but get barred. Compo has lost his key, guessing it happened while they were in the library, they try to find Mr Wainwright, the librarian. Cause havoc by calling at Mrs Partridge’s home, then the police station. Told Wainwright is at a Buffet Dance but they are not allowed in by Charlie Harris on the door. Sid smuggles them into a back room where they play cards.

The Inventor of the Forty-Foot Ferret.
Series 1 episode 2 - [3/295] 1973 shown 19.11.73 Blamire era - James Gilbert

Blamire thinks Compo should go into a church; but on the way they retrieve a kite from a tree, visit the library where Mr Wainwright is making advances to Mrs Partridge, the café where Sid and Ivy are arguing. Thus they talk theology and Compo agrees reluctantly to go but after a short visit all Compo felt was an itchy nose.

Pate and Chips
Series 1 episode 3 - [4/295] 1973 shown 26.11.73 Blamire era - James Gilbert

A visit to Upperdyke Hall (Cannon Hall actually) with Compo’s nephew Chip, his wife Connie and their family including a dog. After looking round, and their lunch (Compo has his usual doorstep sandwiches and Blamire pate) they look after the children. The curator gets a surprise, thinking it is his lordship when it turns out to be Compo with the dog. They get thrown out but discuss their youth in a pub on the way home.

Spring Fever
Series 1 episode 4 - [5/295] 1973 shown 3.12.73 Blamire era - James Gilbert

Compo is cleaning his house and does not turn up at either the library or café. They see him buying a new suit, as Clegg notes the sap is rising He has advertised for a housekeeper and is meeting her off the bus. She is not impressed with a plate of mushy peas and the delights of Holmfirth and the next morning they discover she was thrice married and has gone back to Bradford taking Compo’s new suit with her.

The New Mobile Trio
Series 1 episode 5 - [6/295] 1973 shown 10.12.73 Blamire era - James Gilbert

Visiting a road safety exhibition gives Clegg the idea of acquiring a vehicle; after listing Blamire’s financial wealth they agree to put £15 in each to purchase a vehicle. The go to Walter’s mothers house to see a car, after negotiating a ferocious dog and a lot of dubious boxes Walter tries to sell them a Humber. Out on the test drive they run into a tractor and have to run away. Walter tries to sell Sid some stock. They then try a reputable dealer who shows them his back yard stock where they take an old Morris Minor. While out in this – again a collision with a tractor.

Hail Smiling Morn or Thereabouts
Series 1 episode 6 - [7/295] 1973 shown 17.12.73 Blamire era - James Gilbert

Blamire decides to go back to photography as a hobby. When they visit Clegg he is sorting out some old camping equipment which his wife was not keen on although he always fancied himself as an outdoor adventurous type! They decide that a photograph of sunrise would be good so they set up camp in the hills to capture the dawn. After a thunderstorm shows that the tent is not waterproof they spend the night in an old barn. When they awake they realise they will have to settle for a photograph of the sunset as they up late. So off to the pub where they leave the camping gear to be brought back by someone’s lorry.
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