Series Two

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Forked Lightning
Series 2 episode 1 [8/295] 1975 shown 5.iii.75 Blamire era – Bernard Thompson

After an embarrassingly public and painful right-where-it-hurts accident, Clegg realises he needs to get his bicycle repaired. At the café they let Sid have ago but he is unsuccessful, so it is back to the shop where he bought it - in Huddersfield by bus but they get chucked off. The shop no longer deals in push bikes, Clegg did buy it in in1946! So back to Sid and when complete he rides it round the square - possibly trying to impress bus conductresses who were eating in the café?

Who's That Dancing with Nora Batty Then?
Series 2 episode 2 [9/295] 1975 shown 12.iii.75 Blamire era – Bernard Thompson

The three are invited to a party because Compo's neighbour, Gloria, and her husband are emigrating to Australia. There is a new librarian, Miss Probart, with another assistant, Miss Jones who soon chucks them out. They meet Shep, the lollipop man who can not stand kids but he agrees to lend them his piano for the party at the café. Blamire plays in an individualistic way and Compo gets to dance with Norah Batty until he treads on her foot.

The Changing Face of Rural Blamire
Series 2 episode 3 [10/295] 1975 shown 19.iii.75 Blamire era – Bernard Thompson

When Blamire urges Compo and Clegg to join him in employment, they end up at the office of Oswald P Green, who gets them to sell Shinyglow All Purpose Cleaner, suing a less than new van. The product causes them to get dark faces which somewhat detracts from sales. Realising that Shinyglow is not going to be a commercial success they return the van. Next day Blamire sees another job elsewhere only to find it is Oswald P Green.

Some Enchanted Evening
Series 2 episode 4 [11/295] 1975 shown 26.iii.75 Blamire era – Bernard Thompson

Compo gets a little fed up with being teased about his affections for Norah batty, both in the library and the café so he goes home and listens to his radio where his request for Norah “Some Enchanted Evening” is played. Wally calls round to tell Compo that he is going away to his Mums. Clegg and Blamire find a week later, that Compo has smartened up and is moving in with Norah, wearing Wally’s suits. They discover that Wally intends to return and Compo is just playing a trick to get into Norah’s. They then tell Compo that Wally has gone for good so he will be forever with Norah and under her control – this soon makes Compo return to his old form.

A Quiet Drink
Series 2 episode 5 [12/295] 1975 shown 2 Apr 75 Blamire era – Bernard Thompson

The three call at the Clothier’s Arms where ‘Mouse’ drinks – some one note for never buying a round. Clegg decides to con ‘Mouse’ into believing that Clegg has second sight; using Tina who is rather tipsy (her husband is conducting a deal) as the pawn they place her in ‘Mouse’s’ car. They challenge ‘Mouse’ to see how long they can sit with an empty glass before one of them stands up. Tina’s husband comes in and tells them that Tina is racing round the car park in ‘Mouse’s’ car which makes him jump up and lose the bet.

A Ballad for Wind Instruments and Canoe
Series 2 episode 6 [13/295] 1975 shown 9 Apr 75 Blamire era – Bernard Thompson

A peaceful rest beside the river is disturbed by the arrival of Arnpepper, who has lost his canoe. They buy this canoe but start off by nearly losing it themselves. As the recovery results in Compo getting soaking wet they decide to wear swimwear with their clothes in waterproof bags. Clegg and the others are somewhat reticent about being seen in swimsuits but they keep out of sight. Resting on the bank the canoe again slips away leaving them to get home in their swimwear unseen. Inevitably a coach load turns up.

Northern Flying Circus
Series 2 episode 7 [14/295] 1975 shown 16 Apr 75 Blamire era – Bernard Thompson

After reading about a friend who has died Clegg and the others decide to go and buy his motorbike and sidecar from his widow. Compo gets grazed shins, and even the goggles give him nosebleed so he is fully kitted out for protection. Eventually they set off but very soon return pushing the outfit as it has had a puncture.
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