Sharing Photos from 50 Golden Years Celebration


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Friends, what I would like to do is if there are enough images posted from the weekend is to create a full album in the gallery on the main website.

What I see happening is that if you want your images selected for this gallery for you to make this known, maybe along the lines of simply adding the words "for gallery".

BUT.... the images I use for the new gallery WILL BE REMOVED FROM THE FORUM when I transfer them because of the space usage.
If the images aren't marked as "for gallery" they will be left in the forum, where you post them.

I must emphasize that this is yet to be approved by the boss, the cat Terry
Cool pictures, guys! I'm getting ready to go to the doctor (it's probably nothing serious) but I look forward to seeing more pictures when I get back and I think it's a great idea to make a gallery for the main site for everyone to see!
I do have some very short videos I took on my phone which are around 10 seconds long which I'd be happy to share for the gallery but I'm not sure whether that can be done they are in MOV format?
I'll look into that.
As for the photo's, I will start assembling the gallery over next weekend.
and thanks to all who post images, they're great.
That's so cool that people dressed up like the characters! It's like Comicon! If I had gone, I would have dressed as Marina. So basically like myself but with a blonde wig and a short skirt instead of tight jeans! Lol
The Getting Sam Home copy we screened was colour timed and upscaled from the original SD master file along with some other digital tweaks as we unfortunately couldn't get the film scans back in time from the BBC. The full restoration is still an ongoing mission and we'll try to update folks before the end of the year. I'm loving these pictures, BTW!
Did Tommy Cannon attend ? It must be so emotional for him as there cannot be a day go by when he isn't thinking of Bobby and discussing the show must evoke memories and bring it to the fore. :(