Talking Pictures with Tom Owen.


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I have just watched the above program on TP tv.
I recorded it on Monday. Quite interesting and will probably be repeated again so keep your eyes peeled if you want to watch it.
Can you describe the show some? I have clicked on a few links and they all seem to say that I missed the episode and look for it later in the future. Nothing to actually describe what it is.
I could kick myself,I found out about this programme on the day it was shown,but it was aired at 7.30 am and wasn’t repeated,I have set my tv to record it when it comes on again,but nothing in the next two weeks,I’ll let you know on here when it’s on next.
The series is called “ Talking pictures with…” and in this episode it says :
Exclusive interview with Tom Owen,son of Bill.Both have appeared in Last of the Summer Wine.Here,he reminisces about his father and their acting careers.
It was first aired on the 15th March 2020.
For those that may not be aware,on Channel 4 today at 5pm Four in a bed is in Holmfirth and visiting the Summer Wine exhibition,and on Sunday at 9pm Jane McDonalds Yorkshire on Channel 5 visits Holmfirth and Nora Beatty’s house.
I’m off for a walk now up that hill you can see from Howard’s yard,to sit on the bench Foggy,Compo and Clegg sat on when they got flagged by Ernie Burniston.
Chuffer x