The Giraffe Crisis

captain clutterbuck

LOTSW Fanatic
Thank you for raising awareness Adanor its a tragic waste of a beautiful animal. It appears the Poachers predominately do it purely for their tails and it is quite common to find the animal carcasses with only their tail missing although some groups take the meat for food . The tail is seen as a status symbol in Congalese communities which is just incomprehensible and utterly disgraceful .


LOTSW Fanatic
If everyone will pardon the pun,it appears that anything and everything that can realise any money is fair game these days .Elephants for their tusks, Rhino for their horns ,now the Giraffe. Lets not forget the big cats that can be used in Chinese "medicines"! The people who try to stop the Poachers sometimes take their lives in their hands !:frown2: