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Are still available via their website, this includes the super film poster, be quick they are limited numbers available
:03: but you look up Wiffle and it is a game played in the US and a derivative of baseball so the author has clearly plagiarised the word for the book and is used it in the context of the old twenties, thirties etc serials with their wizz bangs and whattos type phrasing sort of Dan Dare or Dick Barton esque.
AI answer....

Wiffle Lever is a slang term for the main control lever of a Dalek, fictional robotic mutants from British science fiction series Doctor Who.

The term "Wiffle Lever" was invented by author Bob Fischer in his book Wiffle Lever to Full!: Daleks, Death Stars and Dreamy-Eyed Nostalgia at the Strangest Sci-Fi Conventions which was published in 2008.

The book describes Fischer's journey visiting various science fiction conventions, in which Daleks are present and is a reference to the iconic "EXTERMINATE!" vocalisation of the Daleks in the television series.

The term "Wiffle Lever" to describe the Dalek lever has gained some popularity in fan circles outside of the book. However, it is important to note that the term is not officially recognized by the BBC, the producers of Doctor Who.