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To post suggestion for places to eat where you have been and found to be good value along with good food and service,the more info you can give the better i.e easy to park,opening hours,rough cost of a meal and anything else you think we should know like do they have wifi,do they take card payments,do you need to book,though it does not matter if you don't know,more importantly it's about how good the food is compared to cost.

It might be a place on your doorstep or nearby to where you live, or a place you visited while on holiday, it does not matter but makes a helpful guide to us barmpots who dare travel


The Keys in Huddersfield

Located in the Crypt of St Peter's, the Huddersfield Parish Church. Excellent food, freshly made, reasonable prices. Open Monday through Saturday for breakfast, morning coffee and lunch. Accepts credit cards. There's at least one multistory car park within easy walking distance. Also an easy walk from the rail and bus stations.

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I will start the ball rolling with Holmfirth

A few spots I have been to recently which may help you if you visit.

1. The Corner House Cafe opposite the bus station and car park,open from 8am until 14.30,anything from a sandwich to cooked food,always found them friendly with quick service,cash only

2. Compo's Cafe & Takeaway,about a mile out of town,will take card payments,friendly and great value food full details here

3. The White Horse Pub,Jackson Bridge,went there this year and was impressed by the food and cost £7-10 per head,they take card payments

4. We visited The Golden Cock Inn this year, a few mile out of Holmfirth,they do a two for one meal for £11.99 for the main course,the food was well cooked,good service,large car park,they were very busy when we went,so a popular place and I suggest booking before you go,they take card payments,details here
The Cafe Bar at the Hepworth Gallery, Wakefield

Order at the counter, food served at the table. Tasty, fresh, reasonable prices. Don't know what forms of payment they accept, as I was the guest of a friend who lives in Wakefield. Open during gallery opening hours: 10am — 5pm Tuesday — Sunday; Closed Mondays, except local school holidays and bank holiday Mondays; After Hours: late night shopping, food and art 10am — 9pm third Thursday of the month. While you're there, by all means visit the gallery! Pay and display car park across the road.

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Closer to Home

1.The White Swan just off the A156 at Torksey Lock, a proper pub open from noon onwards,home cooked food from £5 a head,free wifi,cash payments,parking, very popular in the summer with boaters,details here

2. The Wheel House, Torksey Lock,always had to book as very popular,car park and card payments,nice views of the river,food has always been good along with the service,cost £15-20 a head,details here
Friends House, 173 Euston Road, London

Opposite Euston Station. Forget about parking — you don't need a car in London! Take a bus or the Tube.

Approved by the Vegetarian Society and a recipient of the Good Egg award for committing to cage-free eggs. The menu varies daily. I've had lunch there at least once during each visit to London and have always had a good meal. The sausages and mash were the best I've ever tasted. Cafeteria service. Accepts credit cards, but apparently they're more used to cash payment.

Open 12.00 — 14.00 Monday to Friday, but may vary during summer & public holidays.

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OK, it's a chain! At least it's a British chain. Reliably good food, pretty reasonable prices, attentive service without hovering annoyingly. Especially nice breakfasts. Open every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Accepts credit cards. Mostly in London, but one each in Bath and Edinburgh.

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Holmfirth again ...

Really like the ales at The Nook, and great burgers as well. They brew
their own beer!!

For Sunday dinner we usually drive up the valley to The Fleece
in Holme. They are really good at serving us two OP plates
of whatever meat is on.
Pret a Manger

Another chain. Self-service. Eat in or take-away. Great for a quick, tasty meal. Costs a little more, but worth it for the quality and freshness of the food. Accepts credit cards. Located all over Central London. Also two in Oxford, both in the Cornmarket. One in Canterbury, corner of High Street and Mercery Lane, which aligns with the main entrance to the Cathedral Close. Many more locations throughout the UK that I haven't yet visited.

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Cafe in the Crypt, St Martin-in-the-Fields, London

Cafeteria service. Good, fresh food, both hot and cold. Reasonable prices for Central London. Open Monday and Tuesday: 8.00am – 8.00pm; Wednesday: 8.00am – 10.30pm (On Jazz Nights the Café is open to jazz ticket-holders only from 6.30pm); Thursday-Saturday: 8.00am – 9.00pm; Sunday: 11.00am – 6.00pm. Accepts credit cards. On St Martin's Place, opposite the National Gallery. The cafe entrance is in the square to the left as you face the church entrance. As usual in London, parking is nearly impossible, and the cafe is well within the congestion charge zone so you won't want to drive there anyway. Get there via Tube or bus.

The Golden Lion, Newport, Pembrokeshire, Wales

I had dinner in the restaurant (not the pub in the front part of the building) two of the three nights that I lodged here, as well as a packed lunch on two of the days. The food was great, fresh and nicely presented, prices were reasonable, service was attentive without being annoying. Open daily from 12–2pm and every evening from 6-9pm. Booking is essential. (My room was great, too!) Parking opposite and behind. I paid for three nights' B&B and all other meals just before departure, so used a credit card. Don't know what the policy is when paying only for a meal.

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OK, my post isn't exactly practical because it is across the pond. However, we discussed British food before and I commented that we sometimes drive a little over an hour away for these awesome fish and chips. Their menu is American and British but I believe their specialty is British Pub Fare. I got the Bangers and Mash there before and it is awesome. The problem is my wife and I can't resist ordering the fish and chips, so we don't try much else.

And in my opinion, they do the fish servings right, instead of the traditional British one fish or two fish meal, their choices are two fish or three fish meal! And these are big pieces of fish.

Chuck, they also brew their own beer.

Red Brick Station in Bel Air, MD. North of Baltimore.
Barbara Fritchie Restaurant, Frederick, Maryland, USA

This restaurant is located across the Pond in Frederick, Maryland (USA) This restaurant has been at the same spot since the 1960's and is known for the giant Candy Cane sign. They serve really good standard food including Homemade Soups, Salads, Sandwiches, Full Course Dinners, and home made desserts. I can personally vouch for the fact that the potato salad recipe has not been changed since the 1960's.

The restaurant is named for Barbara Fritchie, a lady who is known for supposedly waving a flag during the (American) Civil War. This event is the subject of John Greenleaf Whittier's poem of 1864, "Barbara Frietchie." As a note, when Winston Churchill passed through Frederick, Maryland in 1943, with President Roosevelt on their way to Shangra-la (now Camp David), he recited this poem from memory.

Barbara Fritchie Restaurant
At the Candy Cane Sign
1513 W. Patrick Street (Route 40)
Frederick, MD 21702
Phone: (301) 662-2500
Winking willies fish and chips in Scarborough. The best I have eaten in Yorkshire . The fish was huge and skinned too. Lots of chips and scraps too. I also went to Hollowgate fisheries in Holmfirth. Its a bit of a tradition in our household.
Ooh ooh .. saw it on the Hudderfield WP. Had forgotten it.

The Farmer's Arms just on the way out of Holmfirth toward Holme.

Great Rib Dinner for 2 and good hand-pulled ales.

Good walk from downtown (??) H'firth, on the edges of
a neighborhood.
The Giggly Pig

Vendor at the Bloomsbury Farmers' Market, Torrington Square (just off Byng Place).

Every Thursday 9am-2pm. Benches and picnic tables, and Gordon Square is just around the corner with benches and lawns, so no need to eat standing up or walking around.

As usual for London, leave the car at home. Nearest Tube stop is Russell Square, a couple of blocks away.

I had a sandwich of perfectly roasted pork shredded from a whole roast pig, with applesauce and stuffing. £5 for enough food that I'll want only a snack for dinner.

I've lodged in this neighborhood off and on for years, but learned of the Farmers' Market only this past winter. A real find for good local food, and great for people-watching, too.

Sunflower Cafe on Bland's Cliff, Scarborough - Excellent meals, no parking on site (though car park on Friar's Way), certainly takes Cash, not sure about Card. No booking necessary, although doesn't open til 11:30am. The Cheeseburger with everything on and a side order of chips is my favourite meal there.

Trencher's at Whitby, based near the bus station, desn'takes card payments and cash, quite pricy but worth it, they do excellent desserts, I recommend the Chocolate Fudge Cake or Chocolate Nut Sundae. Do nice Scampi with decent portions but would recommend skipping breakfast to make room.

Emma's Coffee Lounge at Scarborough - Decent portions, do mainly baguettes and ciabatta rolls, tough to cut into, but very tasty. Take cash, not sure about card, based on Huntriss Row near McDonalds. Try the Pork Roll with a side of French Fries, top notch dining but a bit expensive. Lovely interior with plants and tasteful wallpaper.
A great place to eat in Holmfirth is the Black Cat Bistro in Holmfirth, just off Victoria Square. When you first enter it just looks like a takeaway but the eating area is upstairs. You are asked if you would like to choose the background music from a wide array of records. The wine menu is a number of small shelves containing empty bottles and the menu, due to ever changing supplies of local produce, is a roll of brown paper on the wall. The food and ambience were great, I can thoroughly recommend.
Thanks for the pointer. I just looked at their Facebook page and the food looks wonderful. Is it in the space that used to house Nick's Kitchen? If so, you'd almost have to know it was there in order to find it.
Thanks for the pointer. I just looked at their Facebook page and the food looks wonderful. Is it in the space that used to house Nick's Kitchen? If so, you'd almost have to know it was there in order to find it.

We did have trouble finding it. It was recommended to me by an old friend who lives in Huddersfield and had read a number of reviews in the Examiner