Very Important Announcement


Staff member
Ladies, Gentlemen and forum members, Terry and I are making a change to the forums.
Please DO NOT PANIC, all we will be doing is to combine the new Roy Clarke Comedies forum with our own forum.
The idea is to literally pin the new bits to the bottom of the existing one, leaving our forums virtually untouched.
There will be a couple of very small textual changes.

Your interaction and all your activity on our beloved forums will remain exactly as they are, postings/chatbox/our family will not change one iota. All that we hope for is to attract some new members that may be interested in more of Roy Clarke's comedies and become part of our World famous friendly and enthusiastic group.

We intend to carry out this work on Wednesday morning 3rd of April, early. The work itself will only take about half an hour, but strange things may keep happening for an hour or so beyond that.

After many weeks of adjusting/modifying/tweaking/configuring the layout for this change Terry and I feel and hope that you all approve and like the finished product.