Went the day well ?

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Our Edie,gun in hand is on Talking Pictures TV at 4.05 pm this afternoon,in one of my favourite films,Went the Day well ? If missed they are sure to repeat it as they usually do,it was filmed and shown during the War when there was a very real threat of towns and villages being infiltrated in this way,and to look out for quislings,and people who may not be who they seem,quite violent in parts too for its time,it must have seemed very real,and frightening to the viewing audience
Not heard of this movie before, it seems interesting. Looks like it has quite the cast. Will need to give it a watch sometime. Maybe find a DVD of it.
For some reason Rick it was released under the name 48 Hours in the USA,I don’t know why though,the British title refers to an epitaph for the fallen written in 1918 by John Maxwell Edmonds :
Went the day well ?
We died and never knew
But Well or ill
Freedom,we died for you.
One of the children in the film is Jeanette Scott,Thora Hirds daughter x
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I know of a movie here in the USA by a similar title as 48 Hrs which includes Eddie Murphy and Nick Nolte which I am sure is quite different than Went the Day Well? . I have no probs with ordering a British PAL version of the DVD. Working on building my Brit-Com collection. :)

I really liked Vicar of Dibley it would be interesting to see how the town has changed between the two filmings.
As we are mentioning Talking Pictures Channel I registered for their online hub [thanks to Roger who kindly posted the link in another thread] and I am on their mailing list so you get details of some of the content you can watch . I thought I would repost the link here in case anyone missed it . Registration is painless and not intrusive and there is some great content . I would urge anyone to sign up if you want a further trip down memory lane.

In the latest mail they have highlighted the Likely Lads film which I have not seen for years . I just previewed it and genuinely laughed out loud as hapless Bob had to be rescued by the fire brigade from a high roof after losing an imaginary coin toss with Terry and climbing up to get the kids football from the roof so funny . Link below

There were three before I started previewing the film but to be fair their are ad breaks in their broadcasts on Talking pictures TV shows as there are on many channels [see the discussion in another thread where questions have been raised about the editing of the LOTSW episodes on Gold to accommodate adverts] If I want to see something and there are adverts so be it especially if I know it cannot be watched on other mediums.
Thanks, Cap. Don't mind add breaks when they hopefully do not chop out content for them. Was more wondering if they played adds / banners over top of the content. From what you say then thankfully they do not.
I get mails from TPTVencore and they tell me about what's available also about last chance to view films and shows . They mentioned an old picture The Sandwich Man starring Michael Bentine which I hadn't seen and decided to watch . I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend it to anyone who has not seen it . If you think of British actors/actresses from yesteryear they are in this including our very own Dora Bryan and Sir Norman Wisdom .

It is of its time and like comedies mentioned on here there are elements which could never be included today but given all that its a great gentle comedy from years gone by . It also reminded me of days gone by because he is a Sandwich board man and certainly where I am you don't see them whereas years ago they were quite a common site especially in London where this is shot. In one scene there is a cafe where all the sandwich board men meet for breakfast and a cuppa and they all park their boards outside which is just a great scene wonderfully nostalgic .

Talking Pictures TV is just a great concept and channel for those who still hanker for days gone by . IF you manage to catch the film I am sure you will enjoy it like myself.