You can prove anything with statistics...


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...60% of people know that. Here's some interesting statistics that may prove useful springboards for expanded discussion elsewhere...[source IMDB]

Peter Sallis appeared in every single episode [probably known by all anyway however....

Howard only appeared in 15 episodes fewer than Nora!
Pearl appeared in 10 episodes more than Marina!
Glenda appeared 30 times more than Compo!
Smiler appeared the same number of episodes as Truly but both appeared more than Foggy!

...over to you all...
That's particularly fascinating about Howard and Nora.

I wonder how it compares to Ivy's appearances.

Also, you kind of expect Howard, Pearl and Marina to have appeared in the same number of episodes, being a 'love triangle'.

Great facts Mashibinbin, keep 'em coming.
Kathy Staff was 42 when she first starred in the show as Nora, that's 3 years younger than Kate Winslet and 6 years younger than Cameron Diaz :eek: