You can see why they Moved

In fact I am not sure how they stuck it for so long, this picture shows how cramped it was filming outside the row of houses Used for Cleggy, plus Howard and Pearl home before they moved to Jackson Bridge.
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I know the main reason they changed the location was because of a real-life unco-operative neighbour - but they couldn't have carried on filming there for another 19 years, could they?
He's playing Tuggy on High, he's safe on there especially as the person who is "on" is Marina and it won't be a simple tap on the shoulder if she catches him. :)
Why is Clegg standing on a box?
I think the idea is that he is supposed to look like he is standing on the path, but to fit the camera in he is on the scaffold and needs to be higher than the safety rail, just for the actual "take". For the shots facing the other way, from his perspective, the camera would be on the dolly on the rails.