jokes bad or otherwise.


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A man is turned away from an exclusive nightclub because he's not wearing a tie. He goes back to his car, finds a set of jump leads, ties them around his neck and tries his luck again at the club. "I cant find a tie" he says "will this do?" The doorman pauses for a moment and says" OK you can come in but don't start anything"
Adam is walking alone around the Garden of Eden looking downcast so God asks him why he is so sad . Adam says" well lord I just lonely here on my own " . God pauses for a minute and then replies " what if I created another person who would gather and cook your food , wash and iron your clothes when you discover them , clean your abode and love you deeply bearing you many children " . Adam says " that would be absolutely wonderful but how much would such a wonderful person cost ? "

God retorts " well that's got to be an arm and a leg" . " Then what can I get for a Rib" Adam replies.


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A man went to the library and asked where the self help section was. The assistant replied " I shan't tell you because that would defeat the object"! :confused:

Wonder if she trained at the same school as Miss Davenport ?