The Monkey Inn.


Thank you so much for posting, as Marianna says looks too good to demolish . I wonder if it is up for sale certainly looks like that so called "artist :08:" has moved on . Is it basically empty inside or did you go no closer than from where you took the photos?


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Hi Neil Hi Marianna,
Marianna Thank you xxx
I'v been on loads of walks over the summer and everywhere I go reminds me of an episode,I'v only for ten more shifts to do as a Paramedic so may have even more time soon,it means a lot that you said that Thankyou
Neil there are no signs to say it's for sale or anything and it is spotless inside and out,all the "art" has been cleared from inside and it is clean and empty,and they have scrubbed the daubings from the car park and repainted the walls and tidied inside,surely not something you'd do if you were going to demolish it and build houses,in a peverse way I was disappointed because I'd always planned getting those lamps and meeting you at Sids Cafe but it's more important the pub remains,take care,my email is and I am on Twitter @senlacblade I don't do facebook,will be in touch x

Brian Johns

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Looks like it is in even better condition than when I was there a month ago. I didn't look inside though. The disabled parking bays looked like they had been repainted relatively recently, surely something you wouldn't do if the place was going to be demolished!
I drove past The Monkey Inn 2 weeks ago and it's still standing and thankfully still looking clean as the previous images show. No sign of any work being carried out to indicate what it's future might be.

It was also on the Tour de Yorkshire route last week, but sadly as far as I could see it wasn't focused on by the cameras.