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  • The only odd thing that showed up was that the DLL error in driver
    RE: Your computer's apparent demonic possession. Here's a possibility courtesy of the technician at one of my local computer shops. This is for Windows 7. If you're a Mac person or running a different version of Windows, maybe you know how to translate.

    Click Start;
    Right-click Computer;
    Click Manage;
    Click Device Manager;

    Look through the resulting list of categories for any that are expanded. If any are, one or more of the device drivers in that category will be tagged with a yellow triangle icon indicating trouble.

    Right-click each of those drivers and select Uninstall from the menu, ensuring that Delete is NOT checked.

    Restart your computer. All drivers should re-install correctly. If they don't, repeat the procedure. If they still don't, try selecting the Update Driver Software menu option.

    :16:If all else fails, turn the computer upside down and drop it on it's head like Blamire and Clegg did to Compo to shake the demonic possession out of him.:16:

    Well my long comment got tangled with yours. With my typo problems I made a mess. Glad your not upset. We have to laugh eh?
    Not to worry, Beth. I shouldn't be so long-winded that a comment takes more than one line!

    And you noticed about the spelling of my name, so that's OK, too.

    No problem Brenda. Sometimes I forget to check my e-mail. Miss talking to you but I understand.
    okay will try, not sure what happened. Have been so busy. I haven't been on in 4 days.!!!! so far behind. Afraid I will miss something!!! talk to you soon,

    I don't know what happened. I wrote about the message you sent. I have neverreceived astrange e message from someone I didntt know. I never seen that persons name before. hmmm
    Yeah, Terry did. He said he had signed up but made no post. Which I find odd. He said to let him know if anything else happened. Maybe just parinoid. Yeah when you answered was there any thing you wrote. I couldn't find anything, just what I wrote.
    No, except I looked under my profile and saw yours. This must be the only way to find PM's
    I made it to the new site this morning. I had trouble with back and Dick was online and said,hey go to the new site. I have been playing around it for a bit,but everyone must be busy this morning since its monday. Figured you would be off today being presidents day.I will try to be on before I go to work.. Look me up.

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