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  • Hi,Thanks for the donation for George, I have paid it to the charity this morning,Terry
    Hi Brenda I couldn't enlarge the pic of your son's school and class. I couldn't send the email either. Could u resend?
    I'm sorry I don't know whathappened. I never had anything like that happen nor have I heard of him. Did Terry ever get back with you.
    i'm afraid I don't know where the webcam button is Brenda, I didn't even know it wasn't on here or to be put onto here, sorry I couldn't help
    You mentioned in the Chat today that PBS is airing Summer Wine. Which station are you seeing it on? My station (WSKG Binghamton) isn't airing it, and when I lobby them I'd like to mention a station that is.
    Hi, Just figured out how to read my messages!! LOL . But I can't get any icons in my post. There isn't even advance tab with icons in it.
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