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    Wanted please?

    Thank you Chuck Chuck every time I try to post a thank you to you for being to kind and copying your dvd for me it seems to vanish. I am really grateful and have been enjoying them so much. Thank you once again, and I hope this appears ok fingers crossed.
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    Wanted please?

    Greatful Thanks Chuck Last Friday I logged in the posted a thank you hear to Chuck as I received the DVDs he sent me and was really grateful to him for going to the bother of doing this. Unfortunately I did not check if my post had appeared and it seems to have disappeared from here. I...
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    Wanted please?

    A tale of two sweaters Chuck I am so happy, not only are there true gentlemen like your self, but my DVDs have arrived and I am watching them now. I am really, really greatful to you, many thanks. Linda x.
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    Wanted please?

    Could someone please copy the episode of Last of the Summer Wine 'A tale of two sweaters' onto a CD for me. It is on Drama at 8pm tomorrow (Boxing Day). I will of course pay all expenses by PayPal. Many thanks Linda L.
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    New Series 14 Poll

    I really loved this series and found it very hard to vote for just two. :-\
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    My Mail to the BBC today

    Lets hope you get a good reply.
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    Series 14 Favourite Episode

    Ordeal by trousers is a real favourite of mine, I could watch it 100 times over.
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    Series 15 Favourite Episodes

    I also went for the same two as Scruffy as they were my favourite as well.