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Stephen Lewis born November 14 1936 Died 12 August 2015 aged 88.
Born in London Stephen starred in On The Buses and its spin off Don't Drink The Water.
Played Clem Hemingway aka Smiler in 135 episodes.
First episode That Curtain Smile 1988.
Last episode Sinclair And The Wormley Witches 2007.
Smiler was divorced from his wife when she moved to Australia, he spent time lodging with Nora Batty then lived with Tom simmonite. He was a tall, single miserable man who helped Auntie Wainwright in her shop.
Tom Owen born April 8 1949
Tom was born in Brighton, he made appearances in Z Cars, Upstairs Downstairs, The Onedin Line and The Piglet Files.
Played Tom Simmonite in 93 episodes.
First episode From Here To Paternity 2000
Last episode How Not To Cry At Weddings 2010.
Compo's son came looking for this father but found he had just past away. After drifting about for a while he eventually moved in with Smiler and helped out in Aunties shop.
Brian Murphy born September 25 1933
Brian was born on the Isle Of Wight, he began work in theatre after leaving the RAF he became a household name playing George Roper in Man About The House and its spin off George and Mildred.
Played Alvin Smedley in 73 episodes.
First episode The Lair Of The Cat Creature 2003
Last episode How Not To Cry At Weddings 2010.
Alvin was another tormentor of Nora Batty, he lived in Compos old house, next door to her and enjoyed pulling her leg.
Keith Clifford born June 20 1938.
Keith was born in Halifax and had roles in Heartbeat, Cold feet and Coronation Street. He won a Sony Radio Award in 1993 for playing Frank Randle in Randles Scandals.
Played Billy Hardcastle in 66 episodes.
First episode How Errol Flynn Discovered The Secret Scar Of Nora Batty 1999.
Last episode Plenty Of Room In The Back 2006.
Billy was a direct descendant of Robin Hood on his mother's side, she was a Bristow. He lived with his wife and her sister but much preferred tramping round the woods with his merry men.
Josephine Tewson born February 26 1939.
Josephine was born in Hampshire London and trained at the Royal Academy Of Drama And Dance. She worked with David Frost, The Two Ronnies and Charlie Drake before starring in Keeping Up Appearances
Played Lucinda Davenport in 62 episodes.
First episode In Which Gavin Hinchcliffe Loses The Gulf Stream 2003.
Last episode How Not To Cry At Weddings 2010.
Miss Davenport was romantic librarian who befriended Marina and would spend time browsing through the romantic fiction and poetry shelves looking for love.
Burt Kwouk born July 18 1930-Died May 24 2016 aged 85 OBE 2011.
Burt was born in Cheshire, one of Burt's first film roles was in The Inn Of The Sixth Happiness with Ingrid Bergman he went on to work with Peter Sellers in The Pink Panther Movies before playing Major Yamauchi in Tenko.
Played Electric Entwhistle in 78 episodes.
First episode Ancient Eastern Wisdom- An Introduction. 2003.
Last episode How Not To Cry At Weddings 2010.
Entwistle was from Hull he sold mostly washing machines and fridges he was always available with his truck to drive the other lads about mainly to stay out of the way of the wife.
Jonathan Linsley born January 17 1956.
Jonathan was born in Bradford and went from Summer Wine to play Ogilvy in Pirates Of The Caribbean with Johnny Depp and Keira Knightley.
Played Milburn aka Crusher in 20 episodes.
First episode Keeping Britain Tidy 1985. ( Crusher was introduced in this episode but was in The Loxley Lozenge in 1984)
Last Episode Big Day At Dream Acres 1987.
Crusher was Ivys nephew who come to learn the catering trade and help out in the cafe after Sid died, he was a gentle giant of a man who was always getting shouted at by his Auntie Ivy.
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Ken Kitson born 7 July 1946.
Ken was born in Bradford and started out as a fight arranger in Barry Mackenzie has well as roles in The Sweeney, Minder and The Lion The Witch And The Wardrobe.
Played 1st policeman aka Cooper in 88 episodes.
First episode Getting Sam Home 1983.
Last episode How Not To Cry At Weddings 2010.
Cooper tried to find quiet places to have a zizz and eat lunch but kept getting interrupted by the general public.
Danny O'Dea born December 22 1910 - Died April 16 2003 aged 93
Danny was born in Durrington Wiltshire he appeared in Rita, Sue And Bob Too and had numerous television roles including Ripping Yarns and All Creatures Great And Small.
Played Elijah Duckett aka Eli in 93 episode.
First episode Jews 1983.
Last episode A Brief Excursion In The Fast Lane. 2002.
Eli had no connection with his glasses as a result his eyesight had a lot to be desired. He would mistake men for women, women for men and brick walls for pathways.
Dora Bryan born February 7 1923 - Died July 23 2014 aged 91 OBE 1996.
Dora was born in Lancashire and had an extensive career in theatre, television and film including roles in The Blue Lamp, Time Gentlemen Please and The great St Trinian's Train Robbery.
Played Roz Utterthwaite in 50 episodes.
First episode Last Pigeon And Post 2000
Last episode Little Orphan Howard 2005.
Roz was Edie Pegden's wayward little sister, she always dressed in pink, was friendly with Pearl and had a checkered past with husbands, mainly other women's but deep down she had a heart of gold
June Whitfield born November 11 1925 CBE 1998 - Died 29th Dec 2018.
June was born in Streatham and is best known for playing June In Terry And June with Terry Scott she went on to star in Ad-Fab with Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley.
Played Nelly in 44 episodes
First episode Merry Entwistle And Jackson Day 2005.
Last episode Look Who's Wheels Come Off 2010.
Nelly was a friend of Pearls, her husband Travis worries about her going out and rings her constantly Nelly blames his mother. Nelly helps Pearl keep tracks on Howard.
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Christopher Beeny born July 7 1941.
Christopher was born in London and attended the Royal Academy Of Dramatic Art he had television roles in Upstairs Downstairs, The Rag Trade and was in In Loving Memory with Thora Hird.
Played Herman Teesdale in 27 episodes.
First episode Exercising Fathers Bicycle 2002.
Last episode How Not To Cry At Weddings 2010.
Herman first appeared as the repo man in search of Tom's car, he later changed his name to Morton because no one liked him and his wife had left him. He befriended Barry and the golf captain Toby.
Trevor Bannister born August 14 1934 - Died April 4 2011 aged 76.
Born in Durrington, Trevor started in theatre in Billy Liar with Albert Finney, he's best known for playing Mr Lucas in Are You Being Served with Frank Thornton.
Played the golf captain Toby in 25 episodes.
First episode The Missing Bus Of Mrs Avery 2001.
Last episode How Not To Cry At Weddings 2010.
Toby's wife threw him out because of his philandering, he moved in next door to Barry and Glenda.
Julie T Wallace born May 28 1961.
Born in London, Julie made her television debut in The Life And Loves Of A She-Devil she went on to appear in James Bond The Living Daylights with Timothy Daulton.
Played Minerva Avery aka Lolly in 12 episodes.
First episode From Here To Paternity 2000
Last episode The Coming Of The Beast 2001.
Mrs Avery was Tom Simminite's live in associate. She was a house proud battleaxe and part time clairvoyant to the stars. Mrs Avery and Nora Batty would have " I have cleaner sheets than you" Battles.
Barbara Young born February 9 1936
Born in West Riding Yorkshire Barbara appearing in I, Claudius with Derek Jacobi she also played two different characters in Coronation Street.
Played Stella in 18 episodes.
First episode I Was A Hitman For Primrose Dairies 2008.
Last episode How Not To Cry At Weddings 2010.
Stella was Nora Batty's younger sister, a former landlady she moved into Nora's house when Nora went to Australia, has strict instructions to keep the steps clean.
Sir Norman Wisdom born February 4 1915 - Died October 4 2010 aged 95. OBE 1995 KBE 2000
Born in Marylebone London, he started work as David Nixon's straight man and played Norman Pitkin in several comedy movies with Edward Chapman. He was nominated for a Tony award for his role in Walking Happy.
Played Billy Ingleton in 7 episodes.
First episode The Man Who Nearly Knew Pavarotti 1995.
Last episode Variations On A Theme Of The Widow Winstanley 2004.
Billy was a wannabe pianist, poet and actor but never really mastered any of them.
Blake Butler born October 22 1924 - Died 15 April 1981 aged 56.
Born in Barrow-In-Furness Blake worked in Dads Army, The Good Life and played Mr Rankin in Grange Hill.
Played Mr Wainwright in 6 episodes.
First episode Of Funerals And Fish 1973.
Last episode Isometrics And After 1976.
The lecherous librarian with socialist leanings and a penchant for lady librarians legs. He didn't mind educating the people but drew the line at Compo.
Louis Emerick born June 10 1953.
Born in Liverpool Louis is best known for playing Mick Johnson in Brookside and now tours with a stage version of Cooper and Walsh with Ken Kitson.
Played PC Walsh in 55 episodes.
First episode Three Men And A Mangle 1989
Last episode How Not to Cry At Weddings 2010
Walsh really looked up to Cooper because of his experience and hung on to his every word but didn't trust him with his sandwiches.
Tony Capstick born July 27 1944 - Died October 23 2003 aged 59.
Born in Rotherham Tony was a radio presenter on BBC Sheffield and had an eight part television series called Capstick Capers.
Played"Policeman 2" in 33 episodes.
First episode Big Day At Dream Acres 1987.
Last episode Yours Truly 2004.
He didn't like Cooper driving too fast and had trouble spelling Nicaragua.
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